• Dr Rosie King is a sexual health physician with 30 years of clinical experience.
  • Her practice is in St Leonards.
  • She sees individuals and couples providing sex and relationship therapy.


My name is Dr Rosie King. I began working as a General Practitioner after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of NSW.

For the past 30 years I have specialised in the area of sex and relationship therapy.

Over this period I have had extensive experience treating and managing a wide range of distressing sexual and relationship issues that can be medical, physical, relational, psychological or a combination.


  • Compulsive sexual behaviours - pornography addiction.
  • Relationship counselling
  • Multicultural Consultation
  • Couples Counselling

Why Choose Dr Rosie King

  • Experience - 40 years experience as a medical practitioner
  • Dr King works and consults with with top specialists in their field when required - gynaecologists, urologists, clinical psychologists, pelvic floor physiotherapists etc
  • Initial Individual consultation fees for 1 Hour is $210
  • Medicare rebate is $210
  • For full rebate GP referal is essential.

How to Find Us