Dr Rosie King, MB BS FAChSHM

Sex Therapist and Medical Practitioner

Dr Rosie King

DR ROSIE KING, MB BS FACHSHM Sex Therapist and Medical Practitioner

Dr Rosie King is Australia's most well known GP/medical practicioner Sex Therapist. 

"For the past 26 years I have specialised in the area of sex therapy. Over this period I have gained valuable experience working with eminent and internationally renowned physicians and medical scientists in the field of sexual dysfunction and gained the skills and experience to treat and manage distressing issues and problems that can be medical, relational, psychological or a combination."

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Where did my libido go

Where did my libido go?


Low libido is the most common sexual problem reported by women. In fact, every woman will experience periods of low desire – particularly after the birth of a baby, when she’s tired or stressed or when her relationship is rocky. But when he wants sex and she’s no longer in the mood significant problems can occur in the relationship.

Good Loving Great Sex

Enhance the sexual desire, passion, romance and chemistry in your relationship

Pelvic Floor Workout

Pelvic Floor Workout

In the course of Dr Rosie King's work, she has found that many women suffer from bladder, bowel and sexual symptoms that are directly related to weakness of the pelvic floor muscles.

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