Understanding erection problems

Erection problems (also known as Erectile Dysfunction or ED) are common. There are two types of erection problems: organic ED and psychogenic ED. Treatment for both types of erection problem is readily available.

Dr King also sees patients in relation to Premature Ejaculation (PE) issues.

Organic Erectile Dysfunction

When a man has organic ED he is suffering some sort of medical problem that prevents him from getting a firm erection, even when he is very turned on. Organic ED is more common in older men (older than 40 years) because they are more likely to be affected by medical conditions that are associated with organic ED. Organic ED can be caused by any condition that damages the nerves or blood vessels that supply the penis, surgery within the pelvis, hormonal deficiencies and some common medications prescribed by doctors.

Men who have the following conditions have the highest risk of experiencing organic ED

Diabetes Heart attack
Stroke High cholesterol
High blood pressure Heavy smokers
Kidney disease Depressive illness
Chronic lung disease Spinal cord injuries
Prostate cancer treatments Prostate problems
Chemotherapy Pelvic radiotherapy
Multiple sclerosis Pelvic trauma
Epilepsy Alcoholism
Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Psychogenic ED is something that happens to every man during his lifetime. Psychogenic ED occurs when a man whose erectile function is not physically impaired cannot get and/ or stay sexually aroused (turned on). When this happens he is either unable to create an erection or keep an erection, or both. This type of erection difficulty occurs commonly when a man is tired or stressed, when he has had too much to drink, when he has relationship problems or when he is distracted by worries. Typically men with psychogenic ED have no problems getting an erection when they are on their own and they occasionally wake in the morning with a firm erection..

Psychogenic ED can occur in men of any age. For some men the problem only occurs from time to time. For other men, psychogenic ED is a problem that keeps recurring. Common factors that can trigger psychogenic ED include pressure to perform sexually, depression and anxiety, and partner and relationship issues. These factors distract a man and prevent him from getting turned on. Psychogenic ED can then turn into a chronic problem due to performance anxiety, loss of sexual self-confidence and feelings of sexual inadequacy.

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